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Age: 3 years 4 months
Weight: 6.1 lbs.

Connie was part of the February/March 2017 dump of rabbits to fend for themselves in a local city park. She's an energetic young lady with lots of personality. Connie was spayed and has a clean bill of health. She's somewhat skittish and can startle easily, but she is so curious that she comes back out quickly to see what's going on. Her skittishness is completely expected given her previous experiences. She gets more and more comfortable each day.

Connie's foster mom says of her: "She’s reserved, yet confident. Private, yet sassy. This tidy girl keeps the most clean pen of any bunny I’ve ever met! She loves to be cozy in her tunnel, but you’ll often she her laid out on the floor, just enough to spot her secret white belly! She needs a couple of months in a new space to let her personality shine through. She can be mistaken as scared, but she’s actually very confident, coming out of her pen often and is very curious to explore, and she’s not afraid to box you (softly) to tell her opinion. There’s no bun that knows the sound of a crunching Craisin or treat bag like Connie; when she hears it she’ll come out of the tunnel, pace her pen and then sit right, nose through the doors of her pen, waiting for her Craisin. She doesn’t appreciate hoomans coming at her from above or petting her when it’s uncalled for. But, occasionally, she’ll allow pets and will purr contently! She’s such a sweet girl."

Can you give Connie the promise of a loving and safe forever home where she can bunny all day and all night?