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French Angora
Age: 3 years 9 months

Uriah was pulled from a municipal shelter when his time ran out. He has some health challenges that will require a special adopter. Uriah has head tilt that resulted from fluid in his inner ears. The head tilt does not stop him from acting like a typical house rabbit - he wakes his foster mom up every morning to give him his Oxbow treat and pelleted food. Uriah has no idea that he is different than anybunny else :)

Despite his health challenges, Uriah is an incredibly sweet, friendly, curious rabbit. Uriah does not let his past, represented by his tattered ears, diminish the light radiating from inside him. This little guy is an inspiration, period.

When Uriah developed head tilt, three stuffed toy bunnies helped him stay upright. He regularly grooms all three rabbits. His three stuffed bunnies accompanied Uriah when he developed liver lobe torsion in late May 2019. Uriah had emergency surgery and has made a complete recovery. Remember when we said he was an inspiration?!!

Uriah is an Angora, he requires periodic grooming. His foster Mom keeps his fur trimmed short so that he does not develop mats. She is willing to provide coaching/grooming to Uriah’s adopter.

Uriah is supported with monthly holistic health care to keep him happy and healthy. Are you Uriah’s special adopter?