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Giant French Angora
Age: 4 years 8 months
Weight: 9.5 lbs.

Tikvah came from a large confiscation where she had to compete for food with dozens of other rabbits. As a result, she was a little defensive when she arrived - who could blame her?!!!!

Tikvah is an extremely cautious rabbit as human hands in her original home did not treat her with kindness. She trusts her foster Mom and Dad implicitly and now enjoys gentle pets and cuddles from them. New people definitely frighten Tikvah, we are working with her to help her feel more secure in new situations.

Tikvah is the most intelligent rabbit her foster Mom has ever met. She will need an adopter with a great deal of patience and experience working with animals that are slow to trust. The ideal adopter “speaks rabbit” fluently, will take things at a pace Tikvah is comfortable with (slowly), quietly cheering her on when she makes progress, and will not take things personally when she stumbles.

Tikvah needs a home where she is an only rabbit. Other rabbits cause her stress :(

Tikvah is an Angora rabbit who will require frequent grooming. Her foster Mom keeps her fur trimmed short to prevent matting. She will provide coaching to Tikvah’s adopter.

Can you provide Tikvah with the love, patience, and kindness she needs to feel safe and secure?