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New Zealand
Age: 1 years 11 months
Weight: 6 lbs.

Noel received a life saving Christmas wish. On Christmas Eve, she was found by a Good Samaritan hiding under a car and was brought indoors! Noel was surrendered to a local shelter and found her way to Indiana HRS.

Noel has some grease stains and is very, very thin. She is incredibly thankful, and grateful, for plentiful food and a full tummy. Nöel loves to be petted and get kisses on the head from her foster mom. As her profile picture indicates, Nöel loves to hang out with her stuffed bunny!! <3

Unfortunately, Nöel has advanced hepatic coccidiosis that resulted from prior neglect. She has liver portal vein hypertension, a terminal condition, which we are managing. Due to the damage to her liver, spay surgery is not recommended.

This breaks our hearts as Nöel is such an incredibly sweet girl. We do not know how much time Nöel has left, we will spoil her to the end.

Nöel could use a sponsor to help pay for her ongoing medical expenses - medication, herbs to support her liver, and acupuncture treatments to keep her comfortable. Nöel sends nose bonks in apprediation :D