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Red Ryder

Age: 1 years 6 months
Weight: 4 lbs.

Our primary vet contacted IHRS to see if we could help a special bunny who was brought to them.

Meet Red Ryder. She was a stray in Avon, Indiana, and a good Samaritan brought her to the clinic. Someone had been shooting a BB gun at her... she had four BBs lodged in her body!!

Red Ryder had two surgeries to remove the BBs. She is healed now and appreciates your healing thoughts and donations to her significant medical care. Only two of the BBs could be reached at the first surgery. We monitored her healing while the other BBs remained where they landed - near her trachea and scapula - and then Ryder had advanced imaging ultrasound to determine exact location and if the foreign objects could be reached. Another BB was able to be removed after the ultrasound, which is great because infection was setting in. But for now, the fourth remains embedded near her carotid artery.

At this time she is acting great, like nothing is wrong. We are hopeful that there will be no further complications with the BB that remains. As long as that area does not become infected, Ryder has a good chance at an uneventful life! Her adopter needs to be aware of this situation in case she should present with complications (such as pain leading to GI slowdown/changes in eating habits).

Red Ryder's condition is stable so she is now available for adoption! Check out the additional pictures in her profile for radiographs of the BBs.

Special thanks to the clinic staff who agreed to foster Red Ryder until we could make a traditional foster space for her. Often the rescue is beyond full but we need to help bunnies like this little girl somehow! Your financial support for her significant medical care is appreciated.