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New Zealand White
Age: 5 years 8 months
Weight: 8 lbs.

Nellie came to IHRS from a confiscation of 450+ rabbits in Texas in March 2019. She seems pretty shy - she'd never been in a house before! Nellie has a little attitude and just needs some time to understand her nightmare is over. She appears to be an older bunny, probably used to breed other bunnies. Nellie is retired and living a pampered life now! She is not overly fond of pets, but she is very curious about everything around her.

Nellie definitely is able to become comfortable. In her foster home, she is happy to lounge on the sofa with her dog, cat, kid, and parent family members. But Nellie does have a little reservation in trusting just anyone. With the right person who speaks bunny, Nellie will chill out, flop, binky, and otherwise show you she is very comfortable. She needs some patience and understanding. Will you be the family to help her overcome her years of horror, now that she knows being a house rabbit is pretty awesome? Nellie would like to meet her new patient person!