Indiana House Rabbit Society

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PO Box 421746
Indianapolis, IN 46242-1746
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Age: 2 years 4 months
Weight: 4.2 lbs.

Percy was just in time for a miracle!! He was found as a stray in Indianapolis and brought to animal control. This poor guy had incisors so curled and overgrown he couldn't eat. He also had a terrible flea infestation - you could see blood on the paper in his shelter kennel because he was so thoroughly bitten. But Percy made it to rescue, where we immediately treated the fleas, provided soft food he could manipulate around his teeth, and got those teeth trimmed for relief two days later at our vet!

Percy then took a couple weeks to get stronger. He was very ratty looking - he couldn't groom himself due to his dental state and he was very skinny. Once more stable, Percy had a surgery to remove his misaligned incisors and adjust his cheek teeth.

Percy is a great eater now and loves being a house rabbit! He plays and wants attention. He is curious and sweet. Right now Percy is still putting on weight and has some follow up care, but we hope he will be available for adoption soon! This survivor will make a great family member. And he can't chew your cords either ;)