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Dutch mix
Age: 6 months
Weight: 4 lbs.

Pending adoption

Pascal was born into foster care on Mother's Day! His mom and dad were stray bunnies that were rescued by IHRS and.... surprise.... a few days later a litter of baby bunnies arrived! When Pascal was only a day or two old, his enthusiastic mama groomed his ears just a little too much and left him with a little less on top than most bunnies. But Pascal is no worse for the wear, and we think he is adorable just the way he is! We affectionately refer to him as "No Ears."

After three weeks at new foster home, he’s very curious and friendly. He loves pets and is very confident once he gets to know you. Wood or laminate floors don’t bother him!

He also has grown accustomed to the dog. They lay side by side with ex pen in between often touching noses. No direct contact yet but there’s potential with right dog. He’s a chewer but if you provide plenty of cardboard, willow or other safe wood objects he’s quite happy. When he’s tried to chew on off limits items he responds well to a loud clap and learns fast. He loves toys!!

And now since his neuter and hormones are dissipating, his litter box habits are impeccable!! He’s one of those buns that leaves you a very neat and tidy pile of poops in his litter box. No urine outside of litter box at all. Great hay eater too.

Pascal is neutered and ready for his forever home!