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Perry Ellis

Californian Mix
Age: 9 years
Weight: 5.2 lbs.

Perry Ellis is one of a group of 8 rabbits that came from a cruelty/neglect situation. He was severely urine stained and quite wobbly, barely able to hop. Perry has been vetted and is able to hop normally and can actually periscope!

Perry is a delightful little guy who loves to be petted. He has learned to play with toys and loves to throw things around. Perry is E. cuniculi positive and has some residual mobility issues related to his illness, all of which are manageable with medication.

Perry will require an owner with prior rabbit experience. Can you provide Perry with a home where he will be cherished?

In March, 2014, Perry was adopted by a very welcoming and grateful family who has given him everything they can possibly offer. He is a free-range rabbit with lots of companionship and even sleeps with his papa at night. Perry has a forever home that is overflowing with love for him!

Rainbow Bridge:
It is with great sadness that I complete this process of reporting Perry's passing. He went through a number of surgeries to deal with his ongoing abscess and dental issues. After developing an abscess behind his right eye which grew so quickly that the only treatment was enucleation and continued surgeries, his adopters -- family -- Brandon & Kristen, concluded that to put him through a series of more painful surgeries with the possibility that they would continue indefinitely was no longer a humane option. The most compassionate gift we could give was to allow him a peaceful end surrounded by those who loved him most. At 7:40 PM on Friday, August 21st, 2015, through a river of tears, we sorrowfully bid Perry Ellis goodbye forever and allowed him to cross the rainbow bridge.

Perry, you will always be missed and never forgotten. Thank you for your many gifts to us.