Rainbow Bridge

3/25/2000 - 1/4/2009

The Earth has lost another gentle soul and heaven has gained another angel.

Binky free, sweet Digit.
Rabbit Rainbow Bridge


Netherland Dwarf
Age: 8 years 10 months
Weight: 3.5 lbs.

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Digit is a sweet boy with a little bit of attitude thrown in. He was quite overweight for a Netherland Dwarf, but now that he's been on a diet he's a sleek, handsome guy! He enjoys being petted and really loves his playtime, which is great since he needs the exercise!

Digit was selected at the shelter to be in our Petco program, but a vet check discovered he had bladder sludge. Digit completed treatment for this condition a year ago and is doing great! He just had a checkup and was proclaimed to be in perfect health with no signs of the sludge. He will need to be on a specific diet to keep him healthy, but his foster mom can tell you exactly what works for him.

Digit would make a wonderful rabbit for many families and he would very much like to find a bunny friend. He is a sweet, middle-aged bunny who would probably like a forever home that isn't too crazy with noise!

Rabbit Photo
Rabbit Photo
Rabbit Photo