Age: 5 years 9 months
Weight: 9 lbs.

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Heidi is a wonderful bunny that was found by an animal control organization as a baby. Two years later she still had not found a home and we sprung her from the shelter. She was adopted and lived with a great family but they moved to another country and were unable to take her, so she came back into rescue.

Heidi is friendly, social, curious, polite, well-mannered and mellow. She enjoys being pet and loves her treats! She's used to being in a home with dogs and would be good around children. She can startle easily around new sights and sounds, so she needs to be allowed space and time to acclimate. This isn't much different from most buns, however. Heidi is also a great bonding candidate who would make a great mate to a lucky husbun.

Can you provide Heidi a forever home where she can be loved and appreciated for the amazing bunny she is?

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Profile last updated on 7/12/2017