Age: 4 years
Weight: 5.5 lbs.

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Isabelle was one of hundreds of rabbits allowed to run free on someone's property. While the person meant well, the bunnies were subject to predators, weather (including Indiana winter), illness, fighting with each other, and hunger... not to mention making more rabbits the whole time and new rabbits being dumped by other local residents. When the property owner passed away, a whole lot of bunnies were left with no real caretaker. Neighbors threw out bread from a local sandwich shop as the rabbits' main source of food and by spring of 2015, about 25 rabbits remained.

Isabelle is one of the many bunnies IHRS captured from this group, pregnant and hungry when she came into rescue. Oh Isabelle... she's quite a character! Do you want an athletic rabbit who runs to greet you? Can you bunnyproof like crazy? Isabelle is very vertical and loves to jump up and out to explore. (Her foster home keeps her in an XL dog crate when not home, and puts a sheet clipped over her exercise pen play space to keep her in while she does her running about.) Isabelle will hop on your back if you are bent down in her play area - she uses you as a springboard to get somewhere else up high! She would make a great agility candidate or just a great source of entertainment. :) She enjoys petting and LOVES attention but doesn't always hold still for much of it. We've got her all fixed up from her illnesses and spayed now - Isabelle is clamoring to meet you!

Because Isabelle is high energy and high strung, she will need a calm home that can offer her lots of exercise and patience. She is not recommended around children.

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Rabbit Photo
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Profile last updated on 1/2/2017