mini rex
Age: 4 years 2 months
Weight: 5 lbs.

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Peat is a recent intake from a confiscation of lots of rabbits by local animal control. She is her foster mom's delight! She has made her foster mom smile/laugh every single day and is a fabulous companion.

She is very inquisitive and determined to explore 'where no man has gone before'. She loves (and needs) run time and dashes around the rooms and up-and-down stairs to burn off her energy before collapsing in a velvety pile begging for pets. If you are looking for a high-energy bun, she's your girl! In 6 months, she has never been caught sleeping :)

Like most rabbits, she does like to chew so bunny-proofing is a must. She has chewed through bags of litter and pellets then turned to her foster mom with her big innocent eyes expecting her to be proud of that accomplishment.

More than anything (except treats) she loves to be stroked. If she could hold you captive she would! Speaking of treats, they are a "Peat control device". Crinkle the bag and she'll dash back to her pen in less than two seconds.

Her litter box habits have improved to the "very good" stage.

Peat would really do best with and experienced rabbit owner.

Can you provide Peat a home where she can be loved and honored as 100% Peat?

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Profile last updated on 5/31/2017