Age: 2 years 8 months
Weight: 5 lbs.

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Juliana was part of the February/March 2017 dump of rabbits to fend for themselves in a local city park. When she was first rescued, she was extremely shy and untrusting of humans. Given her previous experience with them, that is totally expected and warranted. Early on, she wouldn't even eat when a human was in the room with her. Fast forward a few months and she takes treats and greens from her foster care provider's hand every day. She is still shy and can be easily startled, but she is getting more and more comfortable now that she's learning that she has a safe and nurturing environment.

When Juliana gets run time, she's a cautious explorer. She will come up to you and say hi, but she's also very interested in exploring her surroundings. In her free time, Juliana likes to rearrange the molecules in cardboard. Juliana may do well with a husbun if she finds the right mate.

Can you provide this flower a loving and safe forever home where she can blossom to her full potential?

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Videos of Julianna

Julianna -- the cautious explorer

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Profile last updated on 3/4/2018