Age: 2 years 9 months
Weight: 4.5 lbs.

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Connie was part of the February/March 2017 dump of rabbits to fend for themselves in a local city park. She's an energetic young lady with lots of personality. Connie was spayed and has a clean bill of health. She's somewhat skiddish and can startle easily, but she is so curious that she comes back out quickly to see what's going on. Her skiddishness is completely expected given her previous experiences. She gets more and more comfortable each day.

During salad-making time, she plays a game of "beg for some lettuce" while her foster care provider is preparing salads. She loves her treats and will even take them from her foster care provider's mouth! She absolutely loves her pellets, demolishes her salads, and will eat all the hay in the world. She is a cautious explorer who likes to run but also learns about her environment with a bit of reserve.

Connie loves to be pet and she's learning more and more each day that the humans in her life from here forward are only here to love and support her and no longer bring her any harm. Connie may like a husbun if she finds the right mate.

Can you give Connie the promise of a loving and safe forever home where she can bunny all day and all night?

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Profile last updated on 1/27/2019