New Zealand
Age: 3 years
Weight: 10.3 lbs.

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This is a sad story with a mostly happy ending.

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. An Indiana shelter who doesn't handle a lot of rabbits posted a picture of a rabbit with some very serious medical problems and IHRS couldn't say no. Maru was pulled from this shelter because he was in need of immediate and intensive medical intervention to give him a chance to survive and thrive. He had severe urine scalding (all of the fur was missing from his underside) and bloody, infected sores on all four feet. He also showed some immobility to a rear leg. While Maru was found dumped in a parking lot, we have seen similar painful foot sores from rabbits being housed in wire bottomed cages. We assume Maru acquired his condition from such housing and then was set free to fend for himself - he could barely walk!! - when his owner did not want to deal with his medical needs. Maru's level of scald and sore hocks was far worse than other rabbits we've taken into rescue.

Maru was provided with immediate veterinary care, starting with strong pain relief. Over weeks of antiseptic cleaning, antibiotics, ointments, and pain medicine, and housing on very special wicking flooring to keep him dry, Maru started to be able to walk. It took weeks before he could even lie down comfortably.

Maru was scheduled for surgery on the worst of his foot sores, but supportive care and acupuncture and laser therapy led to great healing! Maru avoided surgery on his back feet.

Unfortunately his front feet began to have more problems. The open sores healed, but the infection had deteriorated the bones of his wrists and feet. Eventually one wrist broke completely as the connective tissue no longer held together. The other wrist is tentatively intact but shows similar changes on x-ray.

Guess what? Maru doesn't care. He has a crazy turn to one front paw, but he hops on the funky wrist and elbow. He uses a special litterbox with a low side so he doesn't stress his joints jumping in and out.

Maru LOVES being part of the family action. He begs for treats and pets. He later survived liver lobe torsion surgery and is still as happy and friendly as ever. Maru inspires us because he doesn't let his disability get in the way of his enjoyment of life.

We would love for Maru to find his forever family. His family gets all the love Maru has to give. :) In exchange, his family needs to be prepared for additional medical needs. Right now Maru is stable and needs no special care other than some housing accommodations: low sided litterbox, soft flooring, restricted from jumping. What we don't know is if his front feet will deteriorate further. This may mean arthritis and mobility issues, or possibly future amputation of one or both front feet and accommodations that would accompany that physical change, perhaps prosthetics and wheelchairs.

If you are that special family who is able to see to Maru's future needs, he'd really love to meet you. We love Maru in foster care but wish for him to have his own forever home with even more attention than we can give.

Additionally, if you feel called to contribute to Maru's medical expenses, he would be very gratefu!

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I make da parsley go bye bye

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