Age: 3 years 11 months
Weight: 6.8 lbs.

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Sammy was left to fend for himself at the holidays and spent a couple weeks living in the woods and under trailers at a truck rental facility - while we were having record cold temperatures! He spent many nights in below zero conditions. The truck rental employees contacted us and after several trips, we eventually were able to catch a hungry bunny in the dead of winter.
Sammy was scared his first night home but by the next day figured out there was lots of good food and it sure was toasty indoors!

Sammy is a very curious, social and friendly bunny who loves being part of the family. He loves having run time and will need a lot of it. The more space he has, the happier he will be. He's also a vertical bunny so his adopters will have to account for that in bunny proofing.

Sammy has been bonded to a sweet bunny named Pattycake, and they must be adopted together! Two bunnies is twice as rewarding as one. :)

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Profile last updated on 11/17/2019