Rainbow Bridge

4/5/2010 - 4/5/2019

The Earth has lost another gentle soul and heaven has gained another angel.

Binky free, sweet Rae Charles.
Rabbit Rainbow Bridge

Rae Charles

Holland Lop
Age: 9 years
Weight: 3.5 lbs.

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Rae Charles came into rescue with her two friends when her elderly owner was hospitalized and could not care for her. Rae has advanced cataracts and can possibly see shadows, but not much else. Her general independent attitude combined with some cluelessness leads us to believe she may be hard of hearing as well. Rae needs a fair amount of help staying tidy but adores her friends and cuddles and grooms them when she's not busy doing her own thing. She bops around her padded pen and hangs out in her disabled bunny litterbox as if her eyes and ears are no concern to her.

Rae has developed an ear infection with some dental involvement in September. She had a CT scan, and then surgery in October 2018 and receives specialized care to keep the area clean and healing. IHRS provides wound care, pain medications, fluids, and hand feeding for rabbits in recovery from surgery like this.

Rae has a great spirit and will remain with her friends with special care as needed. Because of her age and special needs, Rae is part of our sanctuary program. This means she is not available for general adoption but will continue to receive excellent care in experienced foster homes. Rae would love your support for her vet bills!!

Rabbit Photo
Rabbit Photo
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