English Spot mix
Age: 2 years 7 months
Weight: 9 lbs.

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Caprica has to learn to trust again after humans let her down - she fought for her place among dozens of rabbits, and seemed to rule the yard she had access to where she found places to hide. She loves the stability of indoor life and consistent food and water, but is still a bit wary of the people delivering these items. It's wonderful to see her interest in playing and relaxing shine through as she decides things are pretty good in a loving home environment!
Caprica is also pretty chunky and needs to slim down for her health. She's decided that hay and greens are a good alternative to too many pellets.
As we get to know this smart girl better, please think good thoughts that she can come to enjoy the love that her foster home wants to give her! Would you like to help her learn to trust? We know Caprica has a lot of cool personality waiting to come out.

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Profile last updated on 2/17/2019