Himalayan mix
Age: 1 years 2 months
Weight: 3.6 lbs.

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Poor little Sprite and a bunny friend were let go outdoors to fend for themselves. On a cold November day, IHRS heard about this stray bunny and went to catch her. We learned from residents at the nearby apartment complex the bunnies had been set free many months before. They lived outside all spring and summer, and the friend bunny disappeared. :(

We caught Sprite and she has some serious medical issues. We treated her for her fleas, mites, and internal parasites. Radiographs and blood tests have not revealed what is causing her "drunken" condition. Sprite is very wobbly when standing or walking and has a hard time keeping herself clean. She appears to have a neurological condition. It's a miracle Sprite survived as long as she did, not only because of her compromised health, but because a white bunny is easily spotted by predators.

Sprite is very happy to be warm and fed now. She will need support for her veterinary bills. We will continue to help Sprite feel better so she can have a loving family of her own someday. She is now spayed and would be available for adoption to a family who can provide for her special needs. These are primarily housing needs such as providing clean fleece on the floor of her pen (it wicks urine away) and using a modified litterbox for her easier entry.

It is illegal and cruel to set a pet bunny free outdoors. Sprite is very lucky she made it to rescue!!

Rabbit Photo
Rabbit Photo

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Profile last updated on 3/27/2019