Age: 11 months
Weight: 5 lbs.

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Poor Aurora had been set free and fended for herself for a few months in an Indianapolis neighborhood. Neighbors were feeding her when possible, but could not catch her. Then the polar vortex arrived! With "high" temperatures below zero (and wind chills at -40 F!!) one neighbor contacted animal control and our rescue to see if we could help get her to a safe place.

IHRS volunteers gathered in our most frigid capture conditions ever - wearing lots of layers of clothing and winter gear - and thanks to neighbors who had conditioned Aurora to come to them for food, we were able to catch her in less than 15 minutes! Lucky girl was caught on the first evening of the terribly cold weather just before the overnight temperature became an extreme frostbite risk. Aurora spent a week at animal control to sort out her stray condition, and then we were able to pull her to our foster care program.

Aurora is enjoying her indoor life of comfort and plentiful nutrition. She is curious and chilled out. Once she is spayed, she will be available for adoption! We are so happy we could help her before the very real risk of freezing to death could have happened.

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Profile last updated on 2/7/2019