Age: 1 years
Weight: 5.9 lbs.

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Poor Kenzo was let free by a cruel owner and this did not go well for him. IHRS captured him on the second try once a good Samaritan contacted us to help; he had been living under decks and vehicles and in yards for months. Poor guy had a very bad case of ear mites, was emaciated, and was in very fragile condition at rescue. His condition was touch and go for a while <3

Kenzo is officially “out of the woods!” His bloodwork is normal and he has gained almost one pound. Kenzo’s ear mites and fur mites are nearly resolved. He is currently recovering from a bite wound, the last reminder of his life on the lam.

Kenzo will be neutered once his wound has healed, his skin is more presentable, and he has gained some more weight. Please check back for updates on this special boy <3

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Profile last updated on 3/7/2019