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Age: 2 years 6 months
Weight: 7 lbs.

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Poor Horatio! He had significant head tilt - his head is basically upside down - when he was surrendered to the public shelter. After a few days, he started rolling because he was dizzy. We pulled him to foster care and got him to our vet for diagnostics and treatment. A significant medical concern at a shelter can be risky for a homeless bunny :(

Horatio tested negative for E cuniculi, a common cause for head tilt. He also had a CT scan, which was negative for middle/inner ear disease, another common cause for head tilt. While we do not know the cause for his head tilt, he has been stable for four months and has completely adjusted to his disability. Horatio pericopes, binkies, plays like an ordinary rabbit, his head is tilty so Horatio sees the world slightly different than the rest of us :). He is a lot of fun - Horatio loves to play, he is sweet, people focused and loves to be petted! His foster mom calls him a "dog bunny" because of his attitude toward people and his general silliness and lovable nature.

Horatio is neutered and ready for adoption. Don't let a little crooked view of the world make you miss out on this extra special bunny!

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Profile last updated on 9/8/2019