Age: 7 months
Weight: 4 lbs.

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Libby was found by a Good Samaritan running at large. She had a TERRIBLE case of ear mites, her upright ears are hanging down due to the weight of the crusts. She has been treated medically and her ears are all cleared up! She was just spayed and will be available for adoption when she heals from her surgery in mid-November.

Libby is an AMAZING bun! She had great litter box habits even as an unaltered young lady. She's joyous, playful, curious, inquisitive, and an overall delight. She is also quite the lover and will let you pet her all day long. She's young and energetic. So far, she hasn't been destructive, but she is adventurous and will climb! Her adopters will need to bunny proof up to shoulder height for anywhere she is allowed to go. She might also need a sheet or pen topper on her enclosure as she has jumped out of a 30" high exercise pen.

Everyone who meets Libby has a smile the whole time. In addition to being incredibly adorable, she's a happy and joyous love bug!

Is Libby right for you and your family?

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Profile last updated on 11/12/2019