Sanctuary Rabbit

Oscar is a sanctuary rabbit. Sanctuary rabbits are special rabbits who are no longer likely to be adopted but remain in the Indiana House Rabbit Society's care. They are provided endless love, long-term care and support.

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Netherland Dwarf
Age: 11 years 9 months
Weight: 5 lbs.

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Oscar along with his bondmate, Emmy, were rescued from a municipal shelter when their time ran out after being residents for over 6 months. They were devoted to each other, though Emmy passed away earlier in 2016.

Oscar loves to be petted. He loves to explore and hide in cardboard boxes and chew them up.

Due to Oscar's age, he is listed as a sanctuary bunny with the rescue and will remain with us. But he would appreciate sponsorship/donations for his daily and veterinary care! If the right elderbunny girl came along we would consider placing Oscar with her.

Rabbit Photo
Rabbit Photo
Rabbit Photo
Profile last updated on 11/29/2016