Age: 8 years
Weight: 6 lbs.

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Tilson found his way to IHRS a few years ago, when a good Samaritan alerted us to the fact that he was released to the wild to fend for himself. Our volunteers were able to successfully catch him and bring him to safety.

Tilson has settled into life as a house rabbit, and shows a real appreciation for the finer things: playtime, jingly or rattly toys, phone books to shred, and other bunnies to pester. He loves to jump into the open hay box, and he will also help himself to pellets directly from the pellet bin if his foster mom isn't fast enough!

Tilson has decent litter box habits, though with all of the other bunnies around it's a constant battle to remark territory. He seems very likely to want a friend, but he would also appreciate having a home to himself given enough attention :) Tilson has struggled with an ongoing URI and while he feels fine, he will need an adopter willing to deal with his illness as it is only controlled, not able to be cured so far.

Can you give Tilson the home he's looking for?

(Updated Nov 2016)

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Profile last updated on 4/9/2017