Victoria Kit #6: Daniel

Holland Lop
Age: 3 years 1 months
Weight: 5 lbs.

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Daniel (Kit #6) is one of the rabbits from the 215+ Holland Lop/Lionhead confiscation of December 2013. They were confiscated because they were living in an unheated garage in fetid conditions.

Shortly after rescue, Victoria, Daniel's mom, delivered 7 kits. She was so, so very thin, we wondered if any of the kits would survive. 6 of the little miracles survived and 5 have gone on to loving homes.

Daniel is grey otter in color and was smallest kit in the litter. He's still smaller than his mom, who he is bonded with. Daniel is definitely a "momma's boy" and loves being by his mom's side. Victoria protects him and takes good care of him. He's a bit more skiddish than Victoria, but he quickly overcomes that and begs for pets.

Daniel and his mom, Victoria, are a bonded pair and are to be adopted together.

Can you give Daniel and Victoria a home where they can be doted upon as the wonderful bonded pair that they are?

Rabbit Photo
Rabbit Photo

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