English spot mix
Age: 7 years 7 months
Weight: 6.4 lbs.

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I'm Phoebe and I need you to listen up, I am a sassy bunny and I don't have time for the faint of heart! I would like my pellets and treats on time, hooman! You may hear me honk at you during meal times because I'm passionate about my food, ok? Other than my initial sassiness, I'm very easy to please. I love to chew on cardboard boxes, one of which you'll find me in napping most of the day, if not laid out in the coziness of my liter box. My favorite time of day is when foster parents give me a treat, you'll know I'm expecting it because I'll follow you around the room and stretch real tall on my pen to reach it. I have been in foster care for a while and am trying to find someone who understands that I am the queen of the household. It shouldn't be so hard to comprehend, right?

I'm curious and playful. I also like to climb up on things. I have good litter box habits, but you better give me a couple of them! Sometimes I like to be pet, but I have to be in the mood. Do you have the patience to let me be me? I'm a lot of fun and I'll challenge your bunny proofing. I'm a perfect bunny for someone who likes a big personality and speaks bunny!

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How to eat your veggies!

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Profile last updated on 1/9/2023