Adoption Success Stories

We are always thrilled when one of our foster rabbits finds their forever home. Scroll down through our success stories to read about some of our very grateful bunnies.


Adoption date: 5/3/2019

Rhiannon ordered one of our Easter basket deliveries this year and Pam & Susan showed up with Lyra to her house. As a single mom with a son with some disabilities, they immediately made a special connection with Lyra. They fell head over heels in love with her. They had never had bunnies before but they knew they had to have her. So they began a process of learning all about bunnies and all about Lyra and entered into the process of bringing her home. From the moment she got to her new home she flopped out in the living room and it was obvious she had found the place she was meant to be.


Adoption date: 5/7/2016

Adopted two days post-neuter by a terrific former IHRS adopter!

Half Pint

Adoption date: 7/14/2019

Adopted by Kara Rivers and Amanda Reilly


Adoption date: 2/4/2017

Ophelia and Lebowski were adopted by the same adopters who took in their littermate, Hamilton! Successful trio. :-)


Adoption date: 5/25/2019

Adopted Odessa to bond with Onyx. They had a wonderful date with lots of grooming! Odessa is a big girl and Onyx is a dwarf, but they make a lovely couple!

Noah (Earl Grey)

Adoption date: 12/12/2015

"Thank you. I so appreciated that the fosterers brought the buns today for me to meet. It was wonderful fun and obviously had the best outcome for Noah and me. We're home and getting to know each other. He seems to be highly content with lots of petting and is checking out his new surroundings. I hope he understands quickly that he's got it made because he already stole my heart!
Your volunteers at the HRS are wonderful."


Adoption date: 1/2/2016

Elizabeth adopted Hans as a bonding mate for her bunny.


Adoption date: 5/3/2019

This family had been following IHRS on facebook for about 6 months and decided to come visit the RAC during open hours one weekend. When they meet the bunnies in person they were so smitten they spent the whole afternoon there. They were especially smitten with Regina. The next day they showed up AGAIN for open hours because they just couldn't stay away and were so in love with the bunnies. THey had stayed awake all night researching bunnies and planning what they needed to get to adopt Regina. They measured and wanted to replicate EXACTLY everything about the setup in the RAC. THe kids were so amazing, gentle and loving with the buns. THe following weekend they showed up 30 minutes early to Adoptapalooza just to be first in line to make sure no one else would get to Regina before they could choose her and take her home. THey love her so much!


Adoption date: 6/14/2016

Kristen fostered Gabby for about 3 years. Gabby's cancer has shown no signs of returning so Kristen decided to adopt her and provide her a forever home!!


Adoption date: 2/4/2017

Ophelia and Lebowski were adopted by the same adopters who took in their littermate, Hamilton! Successful trio. :-)

If you have adopted a rabbit from Indiana House Rabbit Society and would like to see your rabbit's photo on this page, please email a photo and description to Karen.