New Zealand White
Age: 8 months
Weight: 8 lbs.

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Hi I’m Kiki and I am a very kind, sweet bunny. But due to my sensitive soul, I’m a little slow to warm up to new people and new situations. But once you’ve gained my trust I love my humans so much! I need to be around my people as much as possible, but I do like my afternoons alone to nap. I sometimes will only eat when I can hear and see my humans. I love hay so much so I always munch my hay, but especially when I have company.

I need a larger litter box because I’m a bigger bunny. If I have to use a normal size box I sometimes hang over the edge and you know what happens then?! Most bunnies flick their feet when they’re annoyed, but I flick mine when I’m happy, excited and am exploring. I love to binky and flop on my side. I occasionally rest in my hidey house but not always.

I get along with quiet, calm patient humans. I don’t like dogs and especially their barking. I’ve never met a cat yet. I prefer not to experience a lot of change. I believe I’ll probably grow out of my cautiousness once I’ve settled in a home and trust my humans.

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Profile last updated on 11/14/2020