Big surgeries this week for two deserving boys

Uriah and Farley need your support


In April, Indiana House Rabbit Society is trying to help two very special rabbits!

Uriah comes from a seizure of over 80 rabbits, mostly Angoras, in Lafayette, Indiana. Uriah had a large abscess on his face, which is not something the public shelter was equipped to treat, so he came into rescue. He had a CT scan to help diagnose, then surgery on April 13th. Good news is that the abscess is not dental related! Bad news, one of Uriah’s turbinates (the bony inside of the nasal cavity) has been eaten away by bacteria. He also has an inner ear infection... one side is filled with pus. Uriah had been suffering for many years in his prior “home.” He's now recuperating in foster care and has significant restorative care ahead of him.

Meanwhile, Farley was reported on a neighborhood app as a stray bunny with a dangly leg: he was set free in Indianapolis and was being chased by cats. He made his way to Indianapolis Animal Care Services, where IHRS pulled him for medical treatment. Xrays at our vet showed his back leg was broken in at least four places! He had surgery (the same day as Uriah's abscess surgery!) to pin his leg back together. If it doesn't heal properly, Farley will face amputation of the leg. Farley is recuperating at the vet clinic before he comes to foster care to finish healing.

The combined care for Uriah and Farley is anticipated to be $3500. We are grateful as a rescue with special supporters like you to be able to treat these very serious cases that public shelters cannot afford. Our exotic veterinary partners and our experience with rabbit medical care makes us the right team to help these sweet boys! Can you support surgical and recovery costs for Uriah and Farley?  Thanks!!

Our GoFundMe to donate support for this specialized veterinary care is at

Donations can also be made to the Indiana House Rabbit Society account at Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic in Indianapolis by calling 317-879-8633.

Uriah and Farley say thanks!