Sanctuary Rabbits

About Our Sanctuary Rabbits

Sanctuary rabbits are special rabbits who are no longer likely to be adopted but remain in the Indiana House Rabbit Society's care. They are provided endless love, long-term care and support.

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Age: 4 years 7 months
Weight: 5 lbs.

Daniel is an amazing bun with a big personality and tremendous capacity to love. Unfortunately, Daniel also has very bad genes which have lead to severe dental issues that will continue throughout his life. He has undergone 5 abscess surgeries, numerous dental surgeries, and several hospitalizations for GI status as a result of his ongoing issue. We have identified Daniel as unlikely to be adopted due to his expensive medical needs and continually increasing care.

Know that Daniel is happy now in a foster home where he is loved infinitely and allowed to be free range. He gets lots of love and all the specialized care he could ever need. He even sleeps with his adoptive family often!

If you had the capacity to help support Daniel and the other sanctuary bunnies, he and the others would give you many thanks and binks!

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Holland Lop
Age: 5 years 1 months
Weight: 3.5 lbs.

Helen is one of the rabbits from the 215+ Holland Lop/Lionhead confiscation of December 2013. She was confiscated because she was living in an unheated garage in fetid conditions.

Helen came into rescue very ill (February 2014). She had bilateral indolent corneal ulcers, which we worked extensively with a veterinary ophthalmologist to help them heal. She is now in a foster home where she is supervised to ensure that her healing remains on track.

Helen is a super sweet bunny who is active and curious. Her adopted family will need prior bunny experience. If you are interested in adopted Helen, you will be rewarded by earning her trust and watching her unfold like a blossom in your family. Helen will not likely be a lap bunny who loves lots of snuggles (many bunnies aren't), but she will express her love and appreciation for you in many, many other ways.

Are you ready to learn the language of Helen's love?

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Age: 1 years 11 months
Weight: 4 lbs.

Little Nemo was lucky - he and several other rabbits were abandoned after 4H and left to die. Nemo made it and the police brought him to a southern Indiana shelter. When IHRS came to check on the bunnies, our volunteer found he had a crazy curly incisor sticking out of his mouth! Nemo is lucky this was discovered before it grew enough to block his eating; dental issues like this can lead to starvation.

Nemo had his offending tooth removed by an exotic veterinarian. We waited to see if the remaining incisors would line up, but they needed correction. But when Nemo went back for removal of the remaining incisors, the vet discovered he had an abnormal heart. Nemo is awaiting an ultrasound to determine what is going on.

As soon as we know what is ailing Nemo and hopefully fix it, he will be ready for adoption. He is a bit shy but curious about being indoors and pampered. Nemo enjoys living in the main part of the house and begging for treats when everyone walks by!

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Netherland Dwarf
Age: 10 years 5 months
Weight: 5 lbs.

Oscar along with his bondmate, Emmy, were rescued from a municipal shelter when their time ran out after being residents for over 6 months. They were devoted to each other, though Emmy passed away earlier in 2016.

Oscar loves to be petted. He loves to explore and hide in cardboard boxes and chew them up.

Due to Oscar's age, he is listed as a sanctuary bunny with the rescue and will remain with us. But he would appreciate sponsorship/donations for his daily and veterinary care! If the right elderbunny girl came along we would consider placing Oscar with her.

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