Greenfield rabbits need some love!

Lots of lops




Indiana House Rabbit Society was asked to help place 40+ rabbits who have all been living in a Greenfield, Indiana home's outbuilding and yard. The bunnies come and go with the chickens, taking turns digging up the now grassless, muddy yard, but they don't have good shelter for all kinds of weather and as more babies are born, it has become hard to keep all the rabbits separated to keep from making more babies!  Food was difficult to provide until IHRS began bringing pellets and hay in April. The bunnies love the food and are appreciative of the help, but there are way too many in this small home's yard space. Twenty babies will soon be leaving their mama's care and there is no where for them to go.

Donations are needed for pellets, hay, spay/neuter, and pens/crates to use in foster care. We also need to transport the rabbits to other rescue placements. It's hard to support 40 additional rabbits all at once! Can you help us feed and alter all these bunnies? Check out our Go Fund Me for this Greenfield rescue. We really appreciate your support.

18APR2018 update:

The first group of adults has moved to foster care with IHRS and the first spay/neuter session is this week! We are looking for placement for the adults: up to 17 mini lops and French lop/mini lop mixes (maxi lops!), a helicopter eared lionhead mix, a nice black uppy eared bunny, and English Spots. There are three litters of babies born in late March that also need rescue placement (mamas are two lops and one uppy eared bunny - we think!). The babies are bopping about and growing fast! They are all different colors and some are having their ears start to lop now.

Most of the rabbits seem to be in good condition - some torn ears from males fighting, but we are not seeing many upper respiratory illness symptoms or other concerns in all but one adult. We believe these rabbits are healthy enough to transfer to rescue ASAP.

Another donation option: You may call in and donate to our account at our vet: Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic 317-879-8633 . Spay/neuter is happening immediately, your support goes directly to this urgent medical need!

24APR2018 update:

Ten rabbits were spayed and neutered a couple days ago, and then three more today. Another litter of babies was born, putting the total number of rabbits from the site at 49. But now all of the females have been removed from the site to foster care, and all but two nursing moms are now spayed... So we think we have stopped the many litters being born! There are still five males remaining at the site, who will be brought to foster care and rescue placement, and neuter, once we find room for them.

A couple of the males are being treated for some nasal discharge and injuries from fighting. Overall the bunnies are relaxing in foster care and enjoying their clean, indoor homes, using their litterboxes. The babies are very cute and learning about being inside too!


01MAY2018 update:

Eight altered adults have moved to other rescues! A mom and babies and two other adults are waiting for a ride for their rescue placements too.

Up to date list of which rabbits are available: See

Babies are growing fast! Right now we have three litters looking for placement along with several adults.