Greenfield rabbits available to transfer to rescues - July update

Adults and babies, lops/lionheads/fuzzy lops/mixes


Hi everyone,

The story behind nearly 50 rabbits needing a place to go from Greenfield Indiana is at our news item at

This page was updated with rabbits available to transfer to rescue groups. As of late July, we are able to place the remaining rabbits through our own adoption program!

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped.

Thank you to Small Pet Select for generously donating 150 pounds of alfalfa hay for all the nursing moms and babies, and 100 pounds of pellets for the adults!!

Thank you to our parent organization House Rabbit Society for providing an emergency rescue grant! It takes a lot of resources - time, space, people, and funds - to intake and treat 49 rabbits in a short period of time. The grant funds go directly to the veterinary care, including spay/neuter, of these rabbits. (More were born and rescued after the grant was applied for, so it came in extra handy!)

Note that a couple months after this rescue was complete, a stray rabbit resembling these rabbits was reported to us and caught nearby. He'd been running loose since spring, before we began this rescue, and one rabbit had been reported as "missing" from the expected numbers when we began. We hope his capture means we were able to help all fifty bunnies!  He has now been adopted as well. :)

All rabbits have found placement now in rescue. The following information was current in mid July 2018.


Available now to transfer to rescues, updated 16JULY2018:

Available, some in pairs and some separately, see below: Litter of 8 babies (lionhead mixes, lop mixes, uppy ear mixes) came into rescue at about a month old and nursed until males became hormonal. All are now weaned. Babies estimated born 19MAR. We believe these babies will end up around the size of their parents, around six pounds. 

**A S/N stipend may be available if your rescue is interested in transfer now for adolescents not yet altered.

Adolescent males:

Pair of brothers: Kovu and Wilbur!

Kovu - black with gray lionhead mane/skirt. Neutered 03JUL. Shy

Wilbur - black with helicopter ears. Neutered 03JUL. Shy

Available adolescent males as singles:

Enzo - Brown and speckled tan/seal point. Helicopter ears. Neutered 03JUL. Reticent but fairly friendly


Fritz:   - gray lionhead, one ear up one down, neuter planned late July


Females: (to be spayed as soon as we have appointments)

Single: Esme - black with gray lionhead mane/skirt. Helicopter ears. Fairly friendly

Living together: two female sisters, unnamed. One is a brown sealpoint lionhead mix. She began swaying her head laterally at about seven weeks old. Vet could not determine cause (note she is too young for e.c. titer). Does not seem to affect her eating/movement. Behavior has been consistent since first observed. Other female baby has white fur with gray smut and dark eyes. Tracked by names B2-F1 and B2-F3. They are shy.





Mini lop adult female and six adolescents: not altered yet
F6 "Diane" - gray mini lop female. Had litter on 23APR. She is weaning babies now. All six babies are available for transfer to rescues that S/N. All six are gray lops (five have a light brown undercoat, one is all gray). Three males and three females. Males and one female baby have been separated. Mama is still with two other female babies at this time. Mama will be spayed when schedule allows and she is now available for transfer to other rescues that spay. Babies are not quite yet old enough for spay/neuter (soon!!) but some have become hormonal. **A S/N stipend may be available if your rescue is interested in transfer now.

We anticipate the babies will be mini or large lops. Original line included a French lop male.




M10 - male gray lop, est 1 year old. Last rabbit to be saved from the site (intake 17JUN). Neutered 19JUN. Has a very large attitude! Needs rabbit experience. He is very busy and curious and fun, needs lots of exercise. 


Available for adoption through IHRS: We plan to keep these rabbits in our system but do have them up for adoption :)

M20 - male brownish gray lop - available for adoption through Indiana House Rabbit Society! Marvin was neutered 22MAY

F18 "Rimple" - female black uppy eared rabbit - est 1 year old. Altered 24APR. Was able to continue nursing her litter of 8 babies who are now weaned. Rimple developed a mild head tilt and fell if she stood on hind legs. She was tested and treated for e. Cuniculi. Treatment complete, titer result is much reduced, very slight tilt evident but Rimple does not have any other apparent physical problems or have any trouble eating, hopping, standing, etc. Up for adoption through IHRS.

Albie:  white fur/dark eyes, lionhead adolescent male, Rimple's baby, neuter planned late July.  Friendly


Rescued! Transferred to other rescues:

F5, F13, F17, M14: Thanks Heartland Small Animal Rescue (South Bend, IN)!!

M15, F2, F16, M11: Thanks Critter's Chance (Avon/Indianapolis, IN)!!

M9, M8: Thanks, Gretchen! (Pennsylvania)

F21 and seven babies: St Louis HRS, thanks Joy!



M3, M4, Five orphaned babies : Thanks Bunny Lu! (Virginia)

M3 - male tan lop, est 1 year old "Sugar"

M4 - male brown and black rabbit with one ear up/one down, lionhead fluff on top of head. "Tiger" Est 1 year old. Likely father of three of the litters born late March.

B1 - five babies, all lop ears, four are fuzzy lops. Approx DOB 24MAR. Stopped nursing ~22APR when (assumed) mom began pulling fur for another litter. Mom is likely F7.




Also retained in IHRS rescue:

F19 - female English Spot mix - est 1 year old. Altered 21APR


F7 - female brown agouti lop (helicopter ears) - est 1 year old. Altered 24APR

M1 "Spreckles" - male English Spot mix - older (original of the three rabbits that began this colony) - neutered

M12 - male lop - est under 1 year old. Came in with nose injury from fighting. Neutered 24APR