Greenfield rabbits available to transfer to rescues

Adults and babies, lops/lionheads/fuzzy lops/mixes


Hi everyone,

The story behind nearly 50 rabbits needing a place to go from Greenfield Indiana is at our news item at

This article will be updated with rabbits available to transfer to rescue groups.

Thank you to Small Pet Select for generously donating 150 pounds of alfalfa hay for all the nursing moms and babies, and 100 pounds of pellets for the adults!!


Available now, 11MAY2018:

F19 - female English Spot - est 1 year old. Altered 21APR


F7 - female brown agouti lop (helicopter ears) - est 1 year old. Altered 24APR

B1 - five babies (or subset), all lop ears, four are fuzzy lops. Approx DOB 24MAR. Stopped nursing ~22APR when (assumed) mom began pulling fur for another litter. Mom is likely F7. Note the white babies have dark eyes and gray smut coloring.  We prefer to transport once babies are at least eight weeks old, approx 22MAY, but rescues can claim this group and we will hold!  Update May 11: two males (gray non-fuzzy and one of the white w/gray fuzzy lops) were a little rambunctious/hormonal this week and are now housed by themselves. We can transport the litter of five (currently 3 + 2 singles) or we can send the males on their own!!



Available soon:

B4 - six babies, DOB 23APR. Still nursing, available once weaned. All gray. Mom is F6 gray mini lop.

Note the males that will soon be coming into rescue should be ready to transfer to rescue groups in late May, neuters are booked mid to late May.

M3 - male tan lop, est 1 year old, not yet in rescue. Will be altered.

M4 - male brown and black rabbit with one ear up/one down, lionhead fluff on top of head. Est 1 year old, not yet in rescue. Will be altered.

M10 - male gray lop, est 1 year old. Not yet in rescue, will be altered.


M20 - male brownish-gray lop. Not yet in rescue, will be altered.



F5, F13, F17, M14: Thanks Heartland Small Animal Rescue (South Bend, IN)!!

M15, F2, F16, M11: Thanks Critter's Chance (Avon/Indianapolis, IN)!!

M9, M8: Thanks, Gretchen! (Pennsylvania)


Pending rescue/transport:

F21 and seven babies: St Louis HRS, thanks Joy!


F18 and litter - female black uppy eared rabbit - est 1 year old. Altered 24APR. STILL NURSING, available with litter of 8 babies (lionhead mixes, lop mixes, uppy ear mixes). Babies est born 19MAR. White babies have dark eyes. ***Thanks Lisa/ Bunny Lu rescue!



Not available:

M12 (nose injury), F6 Diane (nursing), M1 Freckles (not yet in rescue)